About me


In my day-to-day life, I'm a professional designer specializing in Web Design, Web Development, and Graphic Design. I have extensive experience creating visually appealing websites and intuitive navigation experiences using my skills in UX/UI, wireframing, HTML 5, Bootstrap, Foundation, CSS 3, and JavaScript.

As a technician and a creative by nature, I'm always eager to push my skills to the limit and explore new challenges. I'm not content with the status quo and always seek out new and exciting projects to work on.

When I'm not behind a computer screen, I channel my creativity into painting and other forms of art. I've been fortunate enough to publicly exhibit my paintings, which was a great success and a source of immense pride. Continuing to paint and sell my work brings me great pleasure, which is why I created this website. It provides me with a platform to showcase and sell my artwork while also helping me to stay organized and focused on my creative endeavors.

As an artist, I'm drawn to bold colors, dynamic movement, and expressive brushstrokes that capture raw emotion.

In addition to my passion for art, I'm also a self-professed tech geek who stays up-to-date with the latest gadgets and emerging technologies. My hobbies include photography, videography, and drone flying, which allow me to explore new perspectives and unleash my creativity.

I've always been an avid sports enthusiast, pushing myself to new limits both mentally and physically. Over the past two years, I've completed two Ironman 70.3 races in Cascais, as well as the Seville Marathon. I've also enjoyed various other sports in the past, including rock climbing, stand-up paddle surfing, mountain biking, and running.

ironman 70.3

Speaking of running, it's my go-to activity for clearing my mind after a long day at work. There's nothing quite like the feeling of hitting the pavement and letting the rhythm of my footsteps take me away from the stresses of everyday life.